'Make Disciples That Make Disciples' Conferences

There are 13 conferences planned for May 29 - June 19th throughout the Dominican Republic.  Each of these conferences will have Pastors and key male and female leadership in attendance.  Each conference will be a minimum of 3 hours of teaching time accompanied by power point presentation and printed material.  So far there are approximately 400 expected in attendance in total at these conferences.

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Make Disciples That Make Disciples Book

"Make Disciples that Make Disciples" is a book written by Tim Garland and will be published in the United States sometime in 2017.  It will be printed and dispersed at the conferences in Spanish in June 2017.

The book expounds on the calling of the church to 'Make disciples of all nations...' It is a practical explanation of the process of discipleship.  The book goes into detail in answering the questions: What is discipleship?  Why Discipleship? How does discipleship work? Who should be discipled? How do we make disciples that make disciples?

"Make Disciples that Make Disciples" has 21 chapters of key training techniques and topics necessary to develop mature, multiplying, mobilized disciple makers.

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Church Planting and Revitalization is fruit of successful discipleship.

Training men and women to walk faithfully through the precepts of the Bible and to take other men and women with them is the proven method of never running out of leaders for generations to come.

Church Planting and Revitalization is directly impacted by developing current and future leaders through the process of discipleship. The multiplication of leaders ensures continuation of mission and growth.


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To accomplish the mission ahead -                       We need your help.

Even the best laid plans are ineffective unless the people of God pray.  We need you to pray: for hearts to be open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, leaders to be humble and teachable, vision to be grasped, and for men and women to embrace the great commission - Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations!  Pray for key leaders of leaders to be recognized to continue the mission throughout the year.

Please pray for Tim as he prepares to go and while on the field May 29-June 19.  He will be preaching in Spanish for a minimum of 3 hours per day for 16 of the 21 days in the Dominican Republic.  Some of the locations are up to 4 hours away.

We also need you to give.  We have a great financial need to bring all of this summers conferences together.  We will be traveling up to 4 hours away for these conferences in 13 different cities.  Upon request a full budget is available.

All gifts are tax deductible.  Use of all finances are subject to approval by Gospel Opportunities Dominican Republic's board of directors.

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Next Steps...

Please pray! Please give!  If the Lord has lead you to act click the call to action button.